Here Be Dragons

The Last Glimmer

Lydia’s attack brings Sorim to his knees, barely alive. Cid questions him. He tells us the village is 3 miles to the west, and Cid suggests we take him with us to be sure he is telling the truth. We talk with him and then Lydia slays him, and we heal ourselves and head west to the village. As we approach we see the inhabitants of the village hiding in their homes. Flint suggests we disguise ourselves, as we don’t know how our counterparts in this universe are perceived.

We head towards the center of this small town of about 200. An innkeeper gives us directions to Dazen’s house. Flint uses the code phrase “Twilight falls but does not extinguish the last glimmer of light” and an old man with a huge bushy beard hurries us inside, shutting and locking the door.

He quickly figures out who we are and leads us into a cellar when we ask to see Pensiar. He twists off the lid of a barrel, reaches in, and twists something inside. Then he walks over to what looks to be a wine barrel, and rolls it aside to reveal a passageway. He tells us to follow the tunnel to find Pensiar and the Last Glimmer. He closes the barrel behind us and we make our way thru it.

After about 10 minutes a petite woman with long black hair steps out of the shadows and interrogates us. Her name is Aviana. Once she is sure who we are, she expresses her frustration that our appearance has disrupted their plans as their Lydia has been whisked from their world just when she had been undercover at the Dragon’s Horn where a high-level Spelleater was due to arrive.

Aviana assures Flint that our Pensiar is safe and suggests a deal – we send our Pensiar back, help them complete their mission, and in return she will help us defeat Sultana.

Aviana offers us each Dragonsbane treated weapons or fire resistant armor. She refuses us both but agrees that we may take a dragonsbane plant to cultivate, though she does not believe this will be overly effective.

Aviana leads us into a large cavern where several people are gathered including Pensiar. She and Flint have a warm reunion. Pensiar agrees when Flint tells her she must go home first so her counterpart can return to this world where she can be of assistance. She also accepts Flint’s proposal that they marry as soon as he returns. Sparklegem decides to go with her for protection.

Chinny casts a spell to send Flint back but senses something crawling out of the portal he has created.

Pensiar and Sparklegem disappear and their counterparts appear – but Sparklegem looks very different. we realize that her counterpart is a vampire. We engage in battle with her and…?



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