Here Be Dragons

The I.M. Force is on a Roll!

Convincing the Rationalists and Deists to ally

We make short work of the second guardian, and Lydia heals Wellby, who had been quite close to death. We are unable to see or locate Feldor who had become invisible, and Chini uses his magic to determine that Feldor has teleported away. We quickly escape the tower and return to the Helm and Cloak with the communication device. We now face a decision: with whom should we form an alliance, the Rationalists or the Deists?

Zasheir and Mialee both are waiting and we speak with each of them individually. We let them each examine the device and ask them each to explain how they would best be able to help us defeat the enemy and why they would be the best choice.

Mialee examines the device and tells us it is drawing energy from the earth and the ley lines that traverse this world. All magic, both natural and arcane, is linked to the ley lines. Lamentation is likely situated at a confluence of the ley lines used to power the device, which will help limit our search for him. As allies the Deists would start by finding Lamentation for us, through use of the device.

Zasheir tells us the Rationalists would start by seeking out the traitors on the council. He examines the device and tells us it is an exceptional piece of arcane engineering that is entangled with all the other devices. This device would help us identify who else holds devices and would help us identify the traitors who hold us back from turning the tables on the Cult.

Lydia expresses a strong desire for the Rationalists and the Deists to work together, and proposes that a representative from each group be present while the device is being examined. Zasheir and Mialee each express extreme reluctance. With great effort, Kurshk manages to convince Zasheir that it is in the best interest of the Rationalists and Deists to work together with us to destroy the cult and work out their own disagreements later. Flint likewise manages to persuade Mialee. Zasheir and Mialee agree to bring the proposal to their leaders, but promise nothing.

A messenger enters the tavern, and delivers a message from Lady Jasnah, who wishes to see us right away. He tells us that Sparklegem has returned. We go to meet them.

Lady Jasnah informs us the council is worried about the neighboring nation of Surria, which has been building up forces on the border and sending numerous spies that seem interested in our Cult troubles and our military preparedness. Jasnah proposes sending Wellby and Sparkle on an undercover mission to Surria to investigate and report back. Wellby and Sparkle agree, and we all decide to get some rest and talk more in the morning. We retire for the night.

Asleep in our beds, we once again find ourselves standing together in the City of Shadows. We hear loud screeches, and three black-stained red wyrmling dragons fly down and engage us in lengthy battle. At last an unknown Halfling joins us and helps us finish off the wyrmlings. His name is Jimmy, and he tells us the old man, “Goody Goody,” (whom we’ve discovered is Bahamut) has asked him to watch over us, and he mentions a Cally and a Mara, names unfamiliar to us. He tells us that he understands that there is a gnome traveling with us named Sparklegem, and that we better not let anything happen to her or he will gut us like fish.

Jimmy says we are only “kind of” here, which affords us a bit of cover.He thinks we may be able to check on Bahamut, who is still in the clutches of the dragon Indomitable, if we make sure we aren’t seen.



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