Here Be Dragons

Once Again in the Asylum!

As they are returning to the asylum, Wellby Tosscobble catches up with us and reports that he has sent a message to the Duke, via her daughter.

Lydia and Urg enter the asylum and go thru a corridor. Lydia looks in the window to the orb room and sees some cultists. One is trying to strap a struggling inmate into a chair. A cultist begins muttering an arcane spell over the orb. Lydia continues on, passing Mad Max’s cell, sending Urg to reconnoiter. Lydia then disguises herself as a cultist and enters a room where 5 thugs and 2 acolytes are talking.

A cultist asks her if her work is done and when she replies yes he tells her to go help the others. She returns to the orb room and enters. One of the cultists asks her to help strap another inmate into a chair. Having no choice, Lydia complies, and stands there as the cultist again utters a spell. The inmate shrieks and moans, turning into a zombie before her eyes. He quiets down, is released, and shambles off.

The cultists leave the room and go on to Mad Max’s cell, obviously intending to perform the same ritual on him. Horrified, Lydia watches as Max backs into the corner and then, knowing she risks discovery but unable to stand by while this occurs, she slays the two cultists and escapes the asylum with Urg and Max, successfully bypassing the zombies in the courtyard. She meets up with the others and, leaving Max with Althea, the group returns and infiltrates the asylum in their cultists’ robes.

Once again in the asylum, we enter the room that leads to Randall’s office, attacking and killing the zombie and thug that are in there. There is an acolyte there as well, who screams for us to spare him. He tells us that Randall is in his office in a private meeting with General Lamentation. We sneak up to the partially open door and hear General Lamentation blaming Randall for the problems they are facing. Randall begs General Lamentation to send reinforcements but the General replies that a move of this nature would reveal his capabilities and motives to the entire city and be seen as a threat to the Baldur’s Gate Council.

We burst into the room and see the projection of General Lamentation. He turns to us, somehow knowing who we are, saying “An incompetent member of my organization needs elimination. I leave it in your capable hands." To Randall he says, “Our mistress has rescinded her praise and support. If you …. somehow… manage to salvage this situation, then we can discuss matters at that time. Goodbye.” He winks out of sight.

Zombies enter the room to defend Randall. Randall swallows a flask of green liquid. He transforms into an ogre zombie. We engage all the zombies in a long battle…..



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