Here Be Dragons

Convincing the Elves...

We teleport right into the middle of Tyrisis and are confronted by angry veterans who believe we are draft dodgers. They are especially suspicious when they notice that there is an elf with us. We have neglected to disguise Lora!

With Lydia’s powers of suggestion, Kurshk’s intimidating presence, and Chinicum’s familiar, we are able to convince the veterans to let us be, and we learn that a human army is massing in the forest as a show of force against the elves. Lydia makes Lora and herself invisible, and we leave the city unmolested, heading for the elven glade where Lora’s trusted friend will be found. We immediately encounter the human army.

We wish to disperse the troops and prevent their slaughter and the escalation of war, but Lydia isn’t feeling well, and is unable to participate in making any plans. Without her civilizing influence, the rest of the group falls to quarreling. Unable to reach consensus, Flint unilaterally marches over to the human commander and persuades him that we have just heard a reliable rumor in town that the humans will be engaging the elves in battle on the other side of the county in Oakborne. The commander happily leads the troops away in the direction of Oakborne, crying, “Death to the elven heathens!”

Now we discuss how to successfully reach Lora’s friend through the forest without being attacked by elves, and we fall to quarreling again. Flint coldly threatens to kill Kurshk, a foolhardy plan but one that earns Flint Arjhan’s grudging respect. Flint reminds the group that without cooperation our enterprise will be doomed. We finally agree that Cid will become a deer, and the rest of us will don elven garb provided by the wizard Arjhan, except for Kurshk who steadfastly refuses to change clothes, and who remains an obvious dwarf. Lydia and Lora remain invisible. We pass unmolested through the forest. Lora makes herself visible again, and knocks on the door of her elderly friend, Merisse.

Merisse lets us in and is convinced by Lora of Thia/Sultana’s treachery. She takes us to the Clan Leader, Jericho, who has apparently become concerned about the Queen’s edicts since she has been taking advice from Thia/Sultana. Jericho grimly believes our report and recognizes that, because we have come here, his clan is now in mortal danger. He decides to order his clan to disperse, and to send his top trusted aides to try and stop Thia/Sultana’s plans in the other glades. He himself will go in person to see the Queen.

At this moment, several cloaked elves enter the room with their weapons drawn. Sultana’s sycophants! We are immediately engaged in battle with spies, an assassin, and a cult fanatic. Chimi and Flint make short work of the cult fanatic, while a raging Kurshk and a barkskin-protected Cidbear engage the spies and the assassin. And now, a question: Has Lydia recovered enough to be effective in this battle and to help her comrades remain united?



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