Here Be Dragons

Adventurers Reunited in Surria!

Standing near the entrance of this large hallway, Kurshk, Cid, Flint, Mialee and Pensiar (assisted by three giant spiders conjured by Cid) engage in battle with the assassins and cultists, and kill them all. We enter further and see that it opens into many rooms on all sides. Interesting!

Kurshk takes the lead and heads deep into the central hall, peering into rooms. Suddenly a huge Horned Devil appears directly in front of Kurshk, and attacks!

We engage in battle again. A huge Dao appears and joins forces with the Horned Devil. He demonstrates his enormous powers and we struggle against them both. Kurshk, thoroughly enjoying the flow of the battle, is greatly wounded again and again. Mialee repeatedly heals him. Just as we hope we can prevail against such monsters, a horde of Scouts burst into the room. Flint’s powerful volley of arrows wounds eight of them, but they and dozens more continue to advance.

Sparklegem bursts in! “Cavalries comin’, hold on!” she cries. And then, Lydia bursts in followed by Chinicum, who disperses the horde of scouts with powerful magic. Wellby appears on the scene as well. The tide of the battle turns, and with continued heroic effort, we defeat the enemy.

We are bursting with curiosity about our cohorts’ adventures since we were separated, and Kurshk takes the opportunity to punch Chinicum for turning him into a toad to keep him from killing Lamentation. That score settled, we decide we’d best use our time searching for evidence about Lady Katrina’s connection to the cult, and postpone catching up with each other until later.

Flint, on a hunch, uses a Locate Object divination to find out if there is a General Lamentation communicator device nearby. Bingo! There is one in the easternmost room. Flint leaves it there to allay suspicion. We now are certain of Lady Katrina’s involvement with the Cult.

Mialee calls out; she has found some letters in another room. Flint opens the letters and reads the contents. The five letters are:

1. from Lord Jerrod, a trading of information with Lady Katrina.
2. from Ander Helder, a member of the Sons of Surria, pledging support.
3. from Lady Brightwood, containing no incriminating information.
4. from Cefrey Stormwind, another member of the Son of Surria, a report on the organization.
5. from Bareris, who wishes Lady Katrina to know that she has a friend on the “Cabal.”

Wellby comments wryly, “Apparently there are more cult spies in the Sons than there are actual members.” None of us know what the “Cabal” is.

Flint suddenly feels his skin crawling and shouts out that something is coming. Lady Katrina is heard approaching! “Who killed all of these people? Whoever did this couldn’t have gotten far!” We narrowly escape the palace through the side entrance, hampered by a very recalcitrant Kurshk.

Lydia will be missed if she does not return to the party, so she makes herself invisible and leaps over the wall back into the garden of the palace, to mingle with guests. The rest of us make our way back to the President and the Pig to sober up Kurshk with some paradoxical ale, and to spend the night. No sooner do we go to sleep but we find ourselves back in the now-familiar, dark landscape …



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