Here Be Dragons

Act IV: Breath and Shadow

The triumphant shrieks of the dragons echo above your heads, signaling their return to the world of men. With Sultana’s last breath, the dragons have been released from their centuries-long prison: she has won, and you have failed. The destruction that had befallen Baldur’s Gate during the assault by Sultana is as nothing to the devastation that rocks the city now.

The city is lost. Fighting a desperate defensive action, Chinicum, Cid, Flint, Lydia, and Kurshk attempt to buy time for Jasnah and her mages to gather the citizens of Baldur’s Gate and escape the shattered remnants of the city. As the jewels of civilization fall under the unrelenting fury of the dragons, a dangerous, desperate, hopeless plan is hatched.

To save the realm, to stop the dragons, to prevent the extinction of the mortal races, the heroes must find a way to return to the City of Shadows. The prophetess has warned that their link to the Twilight Realm has been severed. Their only hope is to find the physical entry to the City of Shadows. Here they must make an impossible choice, one that will determine the fate of the entire world, turning allies against them, and shattering the bonds they have forged.

Here Be Dragons

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