Here Be Dragons

In the Shump Hotel & Arena

We continue to battle, Lydia now recovered enough to engage the enemy with her vicious mockeries.

Jericho, the leader of the Elves, states that his clan can’t remain here as Thia will likely destroy them. He declines Chinny’s offer of our help. He says he has heard that were responsible for destruction of one of their sacred orbs, but believes us when we tell him that it was Thia who did this.

Yevelda wants to rejoin her clan and we decide to accompany her. Flint asks if we can go to Oakshield on the way to investigate a very important personal matter. When questioned he says he is looking for his fiance Pensiar, who was driven from his town with her family.

On arriving in Oakfield Flint sees a beggar whom he has heard may have seen Pensiar. He gives the beggar, Blinky, some alms, and asks about her, showing him her photo. Blinky becomes agitated and begins rambling about the body snatchers inside a nearby shack, whom he states took his friend Winky. He says the same thing happened to Pensiar.

Flint cautiously opens the door to the shack, but it is empty. A thorough investigation reveals nothing. Flint then approaches a constable and shows him Pensiar’s photograph, but the constable doesn’t recognize her. He states the beggar is crazy.

Yevelda tells us that her red haired family has led their clan for centuries, and have a prophetic text, the Sha Via. She says that a red haired impostor came and influenced the clan, which turned on her, causing her to run for her life.

We offer to help her expose this impostor, and discuss how to enter the Orc settlement without being seen. Before we can approach the settlement we are attacked and captured by orcs.

We awaken in jail cells, separated from each other, weaponless but unharmed. Our armor remains on. Our ears are ringing. We can’t seem to make our magic work. There are guards watching us. A prisoner named Sutha tells us that we will be forced to fight in the Orcs’ arena.

Suddenly guards come and force us out of our cells, and we are shoved into the arena, where weapons stand in front of each of us, their hilts protruding from the sandy ground. There are many orcs in the arena with us. An obese, red haired orc bearing a frightening resemblance to a wicked politician from an alternate universe announces the beginning of the games. His wife, sitting beside him, gives a plagarized welcoming speech to the crowd.

Flint slays an orc; Lydia casts a stinking cloud, Cid releases a giant scorpion, and on and on we fight for our very lives…

Convincing the Elves...

We teleport right into the middle of Tyrisis and are confronted by angry veterans who believe we are draft dodgers. They are especially suspicious when they notice that there is an elf with us. We have neglected to disguise Lora!

With Lydia’s powers of suggestion, Kurshk’s intimidating presence, and Chinicum’s familiar, we are able to convince the veterans to let us be, and we learn that a human army is massing in the forest as a show of force against the elves. Lydia makes Lora and herself invisible, and we leave the city unmolested, heading for the elven glade where Lora’s trusted friend will be found. We immediately encounter the human army.

We wish to disperse the troops and prevent their slaughter and the escalation of war, but Lydia isn’t feeling well, and is unable to participate in making any plans. Without her civilizing influence, the rest of the group falls to quarreling. Unable to reach consensus, Flint unilaterally marches over to the human commander and persuades him that we have just heard a reliable rumor in town that the humans will be engaging the elves in battle on the other side of the county in Oakborne. The commander happily leads the troops away in the direction of Oakborne, crying, “Death to the elven heathens!”

Now we discuss how to successfully reach Lora’s friend through the forest without being attacked by elves, and we fall to quarreling again. Flint coldly threatens to kill Kurshk, a foolhardy plan but one that earns Flint Arjhan’s grudging respect. Flint reminds the group that without cooperation our enterprise will be doomed. We finally agree that Cid will become a deer, and the rest of us will don elven garb provided by the wizard Arjhan, except for Kurshk who steadfastly refuses to change clothes, and who remains an obvious dwarf. Lydia and Lora remain invisible. We pass unmolested through the forest. Lora makes herself visible again, and knocks on the door of her elderly friend, Merisse.

Merisse lets us in and is convinced by Lora of Thia/Sultana’s treachery. She takes us to the Clan Leader, Jericho, who has apparently become concerned about the Queen’s edicts since she has been taking advice from Thia/Sultana. Jericho grimly believes our report and recognizes that, because we have come here, his clan is now in mortal danger. He decides to order his clan to disperse, and to send his top trusted aides to try and stop Thia/Sultana’s plans in the other glades. He himself will go in person to see the Queen.

At this moment, several cloaked elves enter the room with their weapons drawn. Sultana’s sycophants! We are immediately engaged in battle with spies, an assassin, and a cult fanatic. Chimi and Flint make short work of the cult fanatic, while a raging Kurshk and a barkskin-protected Cidbear engage the spies and the assassin. And now, a question: Has Lydia recovered enough to be effective in this battle and to help her comrades remain united?

To Stop a War...

We continue to battle the fire elementals, and one of them dies leaving a small pearl in its place. Milaee tells us that there is shapshifting magic attached to it. Cid feels an affinity to the pearl. Flint hands it to him, and Cid feels a gentle tug upwards. When Cid lifts his hand to head level, the pearl feels weighless. Flint does a religion check that reveals that this is a fabled Ioun stone of a long ago god of the realm. It circles the head of the user, granting divine power. Cid cautiously lets go of the stone, and it begins to circle around his head.

Loretta is in shock and Lora is in a panic. Lora hurries off into the forest, coming to a stop in front of a clearing. Sultana has fulfilled her promise. The Elvish Glade has been decimated. The trees are charred stumps, the ground covered in ash. Hundreds of corpses are strewn across the glade. Lora walks slowly through the glade. She stops before two corpses, one adult, one child. With a wail she collapses to her knees, sobbing quietly and praying in Elvish. The group is shaken, and Flint vows that we will stop Sultana.

Flint suggests that we head back to Baldur’s Gate. Arjhan feels we should go straight to Jasnah. He states that Sultana is going to try to pin this on us and that we should get to Jasnah as quickly as possible with the true story.

We stop at Elmwood at Lora’s request. It seems completely silent; everyone has withdrawn to their homes. One woman, Alice, comes out to talk to us. She asks us to come inside. Lydia and Flint are suspicious.

An assassin in black suddenly emerges from Alice’s tent, holding her son at knifepoint. He demands the elven woman. Lydia attacks him, and the resourceful child escapes and runs to his mother. A second assassin appears, and Loretta runs and hides. We battle and kill the two assassins. Lora decides to go with us to see Jasnah, to convince her that Thia is Sultana and is deceiving the Elves.

We hasten to Baldur’s Gate and into the bustling city. We see a glint of light reflect off something in a window down the alley. A man wielding a crossbow leans out of the window and fires at us, aiming at Lora. Several of us drop with a word of warning to Lora, who is able to react in time, and Cid casts a spell so we can sneak away.

We hurry toward the council chambers. Jasnah rushes in and Flint tells her our version of what has occurred. Jasnah says that the Elves have declared war on the human nations. Lora confirms that Sultana has burned her entire glade. Jasnah believes us, and states we should be focusing on the Cult, not on each other.

Lora reveals that the Elves have a mysterious illness that is striking them at random, in every glade. Black veins protrude from the skin, pumping unknown liquids. The symptoms last for a month to a year, then the inflicted disappear. About 10% of the elves have disappeared in this way. Arjhan points out that the baby dragons we fought in Clearview had these veins.

Lora states that she has friends in the Elvish Glade near Tyrisis who can help. Jasnah tells her that a mage on her staff can take her to Tyrisis but that we should provide an escort due to the danger of the journey. Jasnah also tells Flint that she has some private news for him, which she relays privately.

Mialee states that the Deists and Rationalists must work together or she will no longer be a part of the Deists. She asks if we will relinquish the communication device to her. She says she will work with Zasheir. Althea rouses, and asks if the disc will help us find Lamentation. She states she will help us, as she feels we are her best chance of obtaining revenge. Yevelda states she and Althaea have some useful information and that when she is returned to her rightful position as chief of her clan, the orcs will help us slaughter Lamentation. Flint talks at length with Althaea about her hatred and need for revenge, and whether she can be effective.

We prepare to teleport to Tyrisis and stop a war!

Sultana's Plot is Revealed!

During the battle, Flint suggests that we capture one scout so that we can ask her questions. When the Elven Commander decides the battle with the villagers has waged long enough, she yells out to the villagers, “As you have done to us, see that we return the favor ten-fold. No longer will we bow down before you and attempt appeasement. This debt is paid and our relations at an end. If you wish to parley and speak words of “peace,” then bring a party of no more than 10 to our land. That is all.” And with that, the elves march off into their forest.

We see some villagers looking ashamed, surrounding the corpse of a man killed by the elves. When we confront the villagers and ask what they might have done to provoke the attack, they deny having done anything but driving the elves out of Elmwood for acting condescending. The elven scout that we captured declares that the villagers are lying. She states that the villagers hung two of the elves who lived in Elmwood, and that the remaining elves ran and reported this to the elves in the forest, who retaliated.

The villagers vigorously deny having hung any elves. The scout insists that although she doesn’t know the details, there is no reason her brethren would lie. We strongly suspect that there is more to this than meets the eye. Someone or some group is trying to create and escalate trouble between the humans and the elves! Flint suspects Thia. Arjhan suspects Sultana. Mialee suspects General Lamentation!

A brave village woman named Loretta asks if we will take up the elves offer to parley for peace and we immediately assent. Loretta agrees to accompany us, and the Scout leads us into the forest.

We are met by an elf named Lora and several other elves, who aim bows at our group. Lora says the elves will not put down their bows, but they will listen. We tell them we have reason to believe that the fight between the elves and Elmwood villagers was engineered. At first they scoff, and tell us that two of their brethren (who are now in shock) had escaped Elmwood and informed them about the two elves that had been hanged. Villager Loretta volunteers that there had only been two elves, total, that lived in Elmwood!

At this moment a steely, imperious elf woman approaches, and we immediately recognize her as Thia. Flint accuses her of being at the heart of the trouble. Thia tells Lora and the other elves that we were responsible for the destruction of one of the orbs of Lorien and that we are not here to parley. We counter with the truth, that Thia had sent us to fetch it for her and that when we returned, she destroyed it and pinned the destruction on us.

Cid detects a projection of an illusion by Thia. He tells the elves to look for it also. He then calmly states that “Thia” is Sultana! Lora finally begins to question Thia, at which point Thia abrubtly drops the illusion and stands before us as the beautiful, evil half-dragon Sultana. She casually says, “If I cannot turn these elves against you… I’ll just kill them all.”

Terrible fireballs start raining from the sky. We find ourselves magically protected by Kurshk’s feather, which causes the fireballs to be diverted. We try to protect the elves, but only Lora is able to reach us and be saved. Sultana, frustrated by our continued survival, conjures several Fire Elementals and tells them to deal with us. She opens a rip in space, steps through it, and is gone.

We now find ourselves in battle with Fire Elementals. Chinicum immediately casts a spell of invisibility on Loretta, Lora and Mialee, to protect them. Flint casts a fog spell to prevent the Elementals from catching any of us on fire. The Elementals are still able to cause grievous burns with their touch, and Mialee becomes visible again to help Lydia provide healing, as we courageously battle on.

Saved by Klyemar!

Talking with the halfing Jimmy in the City of Shadows, we receive directions on how to find the dragon Indomitable, who is holding Bahamut.

Walking through the city, following Jimmy’s directions, we hear mocking laughter coming from a building, and see small shadow creatures crawling on larger ones. We pass by these creatures, Chinny and Lydia using their invisibility spells. Led by Flint, invisible and traceless, the creatures see only mist and shadows, and we safely make our way past them.

Then we are confronted by an incredible sight. The old man from the city stands with staff raised, pointing towards Indomitable, who has black mist coming out of his mouth towards him. The scene is static, as if we have stepped out of time.

Flint casts a lasso to try to catch Bahamut, but it gets caught in a power field. Trying to dislodge it, hundreds of red-eyed creatures become alerted and are staring in our direction, unable to see us.

Lydia intuits that they are in a time freeze.

We decide to explore the city and as we turn to move a coughing sound increases and red eyed creatures, like a swarm of demon rats, erupt into the streets towards us. The creatures are all over the buildings. They are sucking the light out of the sky, and we are having difficulty finding our way, tripping over the cobblestones as the swarm gets closer. Cid produces a magical flame, giving us some light but also attracting the creatures. A black scaly hand erupts from the stones beneath us and, flailing, tries to grab Cid’s foot. Flint shoots at the hand, hitting it. Cid is freed, but ten or so of the red-eyed creatures are attracted to us and begin approaching. Cid casts a spell on them, lightning ripping into them and destroying them. We flee. As the creatures behind us get closer, Lydia casts her incantation and Leomund’s tiny hut appears. We huddle inside, protected from the swarms of creatures. We boil and drink some coffee.

A blast of white flame suddenly erupts from one of the alleyways and the nearest creatures vanish in a puff of mist. A bearded man in black robes appears – it is Klyemar, the wizard! He sneezes and drops his staff, and the creatures approach him. But he snaps his fingers and the creatures flee, some of them dying as they flee.

Klyemar tells us that he and Jimmy had been planning to use us as a diversion while they rescued Bahamut. After some discussion (and bacon munching,) Klyemar agrees to help us wake up, flinging out his hand and causing a puff of light to flare from his bacon-greased finger.

We find ourselves being shaken awake by one of the servants, safely back in the inn. The servant tells us that Jasnah has sent an urgent request for us to call upon her as soon as possible.

Lydia and Flint head down to see Jasnah, and run into Mialee, who tells them that the Deists are seriously considering our proposal. Mialee has been sent to observe us, and her opinion will influence what the Deists decide to do. She asks if she can travel with us, and we readily agree. Sparklegem is also now skipping along beside us as we hurry to the Council chambers. She tells us that the Thia is “everywhere.” Sparklegem saw her in the elven glade; we saw her near Tyrisis, and the elves says she sometimes shows up in the other glades.

We go to Jasnah, who has just received word that there has been an attack on the village of Elmwood, which she believes is another attack by the Cult. She has a mage standing by to portal us to the scene. Mialee agrees to come with us, despite the danger, stating that her Druid magic may prove invaluable. The mage opens a portal and we enter. On emerging, we instantly find ourselves under attack by elves and involved in a battle between elves and villagers. We enter the battle against the elves, and battle on…

The I.M. Force is on a Roll!
Convincing the Rationalists and Deists to ally

We make short work of the second guardian, and Lydia heals Wellby, who had been quite close to death. We are unable to see or locate Feldor who had become invisible, and Chini uses his magic to determine that Feldor has teleported away. We quickly escape the tower and return to the Helm and Cloak with the communication device. We now face a decision: with whom should we form an alliance, the Rationalists or the Deists?

Zasheir and Mialee both are waiting and we speak with each of them individually. We let them each examine the device and ask them each to explain how they would best be able to help us defeat the enemy and why they would be the best choice.

Mialee examines the device and tells us it is drawing energy from the earth and the ley lines that traverse this world. All magic, both natural and arcane, is linked to the ley lines. Lamentation is likely situated at a confluence of the ley lines used to power the device, which will help limit our search for him. As allies the Deists would start by finding Lamentation for us, through use of the device.

Zasheir tells us the Rationalists would start by seeking out the traitors on the council. He examines the device and tells us it is an exceptional piece of arcane engineering that is entangled with all the other devices. This device would help us identify who else holds devices and would help us identify the traitors who hold us back from turning the tables on the Cult.

Lydia expresses a strong desire for the Rationalists and the Deists to work together, and proposes that a representative from each group be present while the device is being examined. Zasheir and Mialee each express extreme reluctance. With great effort, Kurshk manages to convince Zasheir that it is in the best interest of the Rationalists and Deists to work together with us to destroy the cult and work out their own disagreements later. Flint likewise manages to persuade Mialee. Zasheir and Mialee agree to bring the proposal to their leaders, but promise nothing.

A messenger enters the tavern, and delivers a message from Lady Jasnah, who wishes to see us right away. He tells us that Sparklegem has returned. We go to meet them.

Lady Jasnah informs us the council is worried about the neighboring nation of Surria, which has been building up forces on the border and sending numerous spies that seem interested in our Cult troubles and our military preparedness. Jasnah proposes sending Wellby and Sparkle on an undercover mission to Surria to investigate and report back. Wellby and Sparkle agree, and we all decide to get some rest and talk more in the morning. We retire for the night.

Asleep in our beds, we once again find ourselves standing together in the City of Shadows. We hear loud screeches, and three black-stained red wyrmling dragons fly down and engage us in lengthy battle. At last an unknown Halfling joins us and helps us finish off the wyrmlings. His name is Jimmy, and he tells us the old man, “Goody Goody,” (whom we’ve discovered is Bahamut) has asked him to watch over us, and he mentions a Cally and a Mara, names unfamiliar to us. He tells us that he understands that there is a gnome traveling with us named Sparklegem, and that we better not let anything happen to her or he will gut us like fish.

Jimmy says we are only “kind of” here, which affords us a bit of cover.He thinks we may be able to check on Bahamut, who is still in the clutches of the dragon Indomitable, if we make sure we aren’t seen.

In the Tower

After battling and destroying the Water Weirds, we enter a colorless, spherical room with a pedestal in the middle. Metallic claws, part of the pedestal, pierce a small golden disk, Lamentation’s communication device. Chinny uses his mage hand to easily remove the disk from the pedestal. Taking the disk with us, we turn and start to retrace our route.

We hear a voice approaching and Arjhan warns us that the Mage has returned. Arjhan and Kurshk re-enter the pool room. A graying, bearded man with glowing red robes, Feldor stands before us, flanked by two of his Shield Guardians. Feldor reveals that an alarm was triggered by our entrance, alerting him to return.

Feldor then offers to take Arjhan back as his apprentice, if he will but step aside and allow Feldor to destroy us.

Arjhan seems to consider this, but then flames spring from his fingertips, blasting into Feldor. From within the flames we hear a deep, mirthless laughter. There is a burst of light, and 2 armored creatures appear between Feldor and Arjhan, protecting their master.

We begin to fight, but Feldor goes invisible, and a blast of cold envelopes us from the mage’s hands…

A Well Laid Plan

It is time to act, and we devise a scheme. We will wait until the dead of night. Then we will gather at the tower, where Flint will cast a Fog Cloud around the tower. Cid will cast a Giant Insect spell to transform 5 wasps into giants to carry each of us to the top of the Tower. After we successfully traverse the traps, find the secret door, and figure out and cast the secret spell, Lydia will disguise herself to look like Feldor, and Lydia and Chinicum will cast their invisibility illusions to make all of us except Lydia invisible. We will then encounter Feldor’s familiar, and Lydia will use her powers of Suggestion to make Feldor’s familiar help us get the transponder.

Night falls, and we put our plan into action. We succeed in entering the tower from the roof according to plan. Then we enter a suspiciously arranged living room that we feel certain is booby-trapped. Chinicum sends his familiar, Urg, to land on an oddly placed rug, which immediately wraps itself around Urg and causes Urg to vanish. The rugs in the room jump up and begin to approach us, while several chests grow menacing fangs and rock their way towards us. A flesh golem appears with a groan and shambles towards us. We all fight valiantly, Kurshk cursing and raging throughout, and reduce our enemies to carcasses.

We reach Feldor’s study. Believing this to be the level where we can walk through a wall through an invisible door, Flint circles the room, dragging his hand along the wall. Feeling nothing but cold, hard stone, he pauses and notices a space under a desk that is pushed against the wall. Crawling under, he puts his hand against the wall and his hand goes right through. Having found the secret door, we crawl through and find ourselves in a room with two statues of human figures (one headless), a botanical painting of a plants (some in full bloom and some with leaf buds), and a lever next to the painting. Lydia tries pulling the lever, and nothing happens.

Bayor had given Lydia a tip that the spell we need has something to do with growth, so we tell each other what spells we have that might be germane. Cid’s Druidcraft cantrip has the power to instantly make a flower blossom, a seed pod open, or a leaf bud bloom, so he tries casting it on the painting and, sure enough, the buds bloom, causing the wall to drag away. Using Arjhan’s knowledge of Feldor’s appearance and manner, Lydia quickly disguises herself as Feldor and becomes authoritative, while the rest of us are rendered invisible. We enter the next room.

A small imp, presumably Feldor’s familiar, looks at Lydia suspiciously. Lydia “suggests” that she needs the communication device to take with her, but the imp becomes confused and balks when Lydia orders him to bring the device to her. Thinking quickly, Lydia pretends she was “testing” him, and sweeps past him authoritatively, with the rest of us invisibly following.

We descend stairs to yet a lower level, and enter a room with a large pool, three feet deep, with a narrow walkway around it leading to a door on the opposite end. Flint’s “Locate Object” spell determines that the communication device is through that door, and in our eagerness to reach it, we heedlessly begin to cross the room. Seven large Water Weirds suddenly rear up! We find ourselves unexpectedly entering battle, Lydia in full Feldor regalia while the rest of us are still invisible…

Mission Impossible

A man named Zasheir greets us, stating he is a member of the Rationalists and speaks for them. If they decide to ally with us, their resources will be at our disposal. He explains that the Rationalists oppose the Cult because they seek the return of the Dragons, and that they are seeking to usurp the progressive leadership of the Baldur’s Gate Council. Zasheir is a cleric, despite his lack of belief in the Gods that supposedly give his powers.

He reveals that that there is a mage named Feldor living in the city, whom the Rationalists believe works for the Cult, and whose tower they believe served as the base for the previous day’s assault on the Council. Feldor is believed to have a communication device for talking with General Lamentation and Zasheir proposes that we infiltrate Feldor’s tower, retrieve the device, and deliver it to him while Feldor is away from the city. The Rationalists hope that the magic associated with the device will allow them to trace the origin of the messages to General Lamentation, and how the device works. In exchange for this mission, we will gain the help of the Rationalists in finding out who the traitors on the council are.

Arjhan emphasizes the difficulty of obtaining access to the tower, as there is no door, only an entrance on the roof of the tower. He suspects there are traps on the top level of the tower as well. He believes the device will be in the basement of the tower, with 3 levels of security around it: a secret door on the base level of the tower that he has deduced is there and a second level of security that will be something arcane requiring the casting of a spell at the correct location.

Zasheir adds that Feldor keeps his familiar as the final level of security, and that we will somehow need to convince the familiar to let us through.

He also tells us that Feldor still has an apprentice inside the city who may or may not be aware of Feldor’s affiliation with the Cult. Zasheir knows what tavern the apprentice frequents.

We decide we need to discuss all we have learned among ourselves. On taking leave of us, Zasheir discretely passes a message to Lydia, who pockets it. The message hums with energy, demanding to be opened, and the group steps into a private room where Lydia reads it. it says that Zasheir suspects we will receive another offer from the Deists, but that the Rationalists’ offer of help only applies if we deliver the device to them.

As we head out of the room, the elven woman Mialee stops us, saying that she represents the Deists. She states that we could be very valuable allies and asks that if we successfully steal the device we deliver it to the Deists. She offers her services as a powerful Druid, as well as the help of the Deists.

We consider the idea of working together with both the Rationalists and the Deists and ask Mialee if that would be possible. She feels this would not be accepted by either organization, who would use the ending of the Cult for fundamentally different goals – the Rationalists want to rebuild the human institutions the Cult is attempting to destroy, but the Deists believe these institutions are as big a problem as the Cult, and that the balance the Gods provided has been lost.

We realize the two groups will not work together, and decide to obtain the device first as time is of the essence.

Mialee tells us that Feldor’s apprentice, Bayor, often frequents the Pig and Whistle at this time of day.

We thank Mialee, and travel separately to the Pig and Whistle, entering separately and noting Bayor sitting alone in a corner, in robes and mage’s attire.

Lydia approaches Bayor and begins a long flirtation with him, leading him to take her to Feldor’s tower and showing her how he enters the magical portal. He reveals a few hints that may help them in their quest to find the communication device: that there is a secret room, a secret wall, and a secret spell that has something to do with “growth.”

We return to the tavern, where Arjhan comments that we must somehow get to the top of the tower, traverse whatever traps are on the top floor, find the secret door, discover the secret password, and fool Feldor’s familiar.

New Councilmembers, New Knights ...

As another assassin leaps out and fells another Councilmember, Jasnah yells, “Weapons out!” and battle ensues. The assassins have some powerful poisonous attacks, and manage to knock Flint and Yevelda out cold. Fortunately Wellby has joined the fight, and he and Lydia are kept busy healing allies. Arjhan joins the fight, and Althaea comes roaring in as a full werewolf. It takes all of us to defeat the vicious assassins, before the guards finally appear on the scene, too late to help.

Althaea the Werewolf barely manages to restrain herself from turning on us, and is distraught about being a werewolf. She fears she can never trust herself to see her beloved son again, and wishes to die. We convince her to live and fight with us in hopes of someday being healed, and she extracts a promise that we will kill her if she turns on us.

Jasnah is now a full Council member. She provides clerics to heal our wounds. For having saved her life and the lives of three of the other council members, Jasnah honors us by making us Knights and presenting Lydia with an extremely powerful magic rapier that has been in her family for generations. Jasnah tells Flint that she has honored his request and has agents looking for his family.

Jasnah explains that another new councilmember has been appointed, named Shaumar, who is almost certainly in league with the cult. She also suspects that at least one other council member is a conspirator, as the attack on the council was so well-informed.

Jasnah tells us all that she will let us take the initiative in figuring out where and how to strike at the cult. She allows us to discuss our course of action. Flint solicits input and receives the following suggestions:

• Yevelda suggests that we help return her to her rightful place as clan leader to obtain her clan as powerful allies.

• Althaea suggests that we seek information about Lamentation’s whereabouts.

• Arjhan suggests we have him arrange a meeting with a leading member of the Rationalists in Baldur’s Gate to enlist their help. (When asked to explain who they are, he tells us that the Rationalists believe that the disappearance of the Gods was the best thing to ever happen. The other organization, the Deists, believe that we are severely handicapped as a species as long as our Gods are gone.)

• Flint, barely concealing his suspicion that Arjhan has ulterior motives, reminds everyone about the dragon eggs that Arjhan still possesses, which are desperately sought by Sultana Pyre.

• Sparkle suggests that we set up diplomatic relations with the elves.

• Welby advises that we should look into which councilmembers are in league with the cult.

We discuss these ideas and decide that Yevelda and Althaea shall go investigate Yevelda’s clan to see where they are and where they stand. Sparkle will go investigate the elves. Wellby will stay with us while we meet with Arjhan’s Rationalist friend in order to gain more information, although we will not necessarily side with the Rationalists against the Deists.


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