Here Be Dragons

The Death of Arjhan and the Reward of Dragonsbane

In the Dragon’s Horn Tower, Cid, masquerading as alt-Cid, converses with Mialee. She observes that there is a different aura about him, and asks if he has been withholding from the magic. He replies that he has in fact been using less of it. Cid asks if anything new has transpired since they last spoke. Mialee tell him that there is a powerful Spelleater who may be able to ascertain that he is not under the sway of the magic, and suggests he not approach him. Mialee hands him an amulet, which he takes as if he understands. A strange whispering and scratching background sound he had barely noticed suddenly disappears.

We climb past 5 floors to the roof of the tower. As we emerge onto the tower top we see a lone figure looking out over the twilight-colored landscape. He is dressed in bright red robes and appears to be a dragonborn. Igor points his eyestalks in his direction. Hearing our arrivival, the spelleater turns to face us. It is Arjhan! Arjhan immediately threatens to kill Chinicum. We begin to battle Arjhan, but hear the wings of a white dragon approaching. Arjhan suddenly vanishes and the huge white dragon lands in the middle of the tower top. We fight and slay the white dragon.

We continue to battle the invisible Arjhan, our attacks based on where his are coming from. Eventually Flint strikes the killing blow, and Arjhan dies (again). Pensiar suggests we go back to Aviana, and collect our rewards for accomplishing our mission. Igor insists on coming with us and refuses to take no for an answer, eventually trailing after us.

We make our way back to the tunnel we originally came through. Some of the Last Glimmer have come out, including Aviana, and they notice Igor. The guards start stringing bows and firing arrows at him He ducks and weaves and hides behind Lydia. When he doesn’t fight back, the guards stop and leave him alone, in confusion.

Aviana says we can treat each of our weapons with dragonsbane to allow them to shear through obsidian, or our armor to protect us from her fire magic.
She examines Cid’s amulet, telling him that it affects the mind and body of any creature into which he shapeshifts. She believes she can infuse the amulet in the same way, giving his claws the power to shear through obsidian or his pelt to resist fire.

Flint, Cid, Chinny, and Kurshk choose to have their weapons enhanced to be able to shear through obsidian. Lydia choose to have her armor treated to protect her from Sultana’s fire magic.

Igor wants to return to our world with us. A long discussion with Igor ensues, working out the terms. We eventually agree to allow him to come along and we prepare to return to our own world.



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