Here Be Dragons

Off to Rescue Pensiar...

Chinicum is welcomed to the newly open position on the Cabal by an inwardly gleeful Bareris, who, as Pensiar and Flint suspect, manipulated events so that former member Aoth would be killed. Clearly Bareris expects Chinicum’s full support, but it is equally clear to the adventurers that Chinicum will remain independent. Bareris immediately pivots in his opinion about Lady Katrina, and votes that, instead of immediately assassinating the Lady, Lydia use her position as private Bard to gather more information from her.

Flint turns his attention to Pensiar and Ehput-Ki, curious about what transpired in their private conversation. Ehput-Ki explains that when we go to the alternate Pensiar’s world to return her and bring back our Pensiar, we will find … “something” that will be instrumental in defeating Sultana. Ehput-Ki will teach Chinicum the spell necessary for us to go there. He offers no advice on when we should undertake this. Flint then asks Pensiar’s opinion, and she states that although she cannot be unbiased, the sooner we do this, the better chances of her being able to get back to her world. Flint believes that we should therefore go immediately (only to learn he has made a false assumption that Pensiar would return to her world with us, giving us all this “better chance” to reach her world, rescue our Pensiar, and save our world). But the others concur that going to the other world now is a good choice.

An immediate departure will complicate Lydia’s plans, as she has agreed to become Lady Katrina’s personal bard. A solution is quickly found – Lydia manufactures a family emergency, charms Lady Katrina with her music, and obtains the Lady’s blessing for a leave of absence.

Ehput-Ki and Pensiar explain that our counterparts from the other world will take our places here, and hopefully not cause trouble. We will arrive in a bleak, dim world where the “not nice” dragon goddess Tiamat rules over everything. We should be distrustful of everyone except members of the resistance, the “Last Glimmer,” whom we may or may not encounter near a village called Crestfall. If we can find Dazen Andross and say, “Twilight falls but does not extinguish the last glimmer of light,” he may be able to put us in touch with the Last Glimmer.

We now make our final plans for departure. We decide to take Wellby and Sparklegem with us. Flint and the others take final leave of the alternate Pensiar, Chinicum casts the spell taught to him by Ehput-Ki, and the world seems to fade away…

We find ourselves in a clearing in inky twilight surrounded by tall rocks with runic signs on them. Two mages sitting by a crackling fire rise and accost us. They sensed the spell that brought us and politely but pointedly ask for the magic. Flint tries the friendly, innocent routine; Chinicum more directly demands the mages’ assistance; neither approach deters the inevitable violent confrontation that ensues.

Chinicum casts a spell that temporarily banishes one of the mages to a harmless Demiplane. We manage to kill the remaining mage, who first exacts a heavy toll on several of us. Rather than flee, we await the return of the other mage, who soon pops back to meet our wrath. Perhaps we can gain information from him…



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