Here Be Dragons

The White Tower of the Cabal

The group awakens in the Inn, to find Lydia has once again disappeared! Flint questions Chinny, who is unable to provide any enlightenment as to where she has gone or if she is in danger.

Lydia reappears and reveals the truth about her identity as a spy for Surria and proposes an alliance between Surria and Calimshan as desired by the Cabal. Flint leaves the inn in anger. Cid feels that despite the deception, an alliance may prove beneficial. Chinny, whose cover is intact, merely states that if this will help the elves, he is in. Kurshk is also in agreement that an alliance is a good idea.

Flint returns, silent, and resumes eating his breakfast. He is angry, and asks to meet alone with Pensiar before the group goes to meet with the Cabal.

Mialee and Sylvie choose to wait for us at the inn.

Flint talks with Pensiar about how he has felt manipulated and lied to, and treated with disrespect. Pensiar presents her view of Lydia, and then expresses her worries over Chinicum.

They rejoin the others, then we all leave together to go to the Cabal. 3 figures attack us as we try to enter the white tower of the Cabal. We quickly kill them.

We enter the hall of the Cabal and Lydia introduces the others.

Ehput-Ki asks which one is Pensiar, and says he would like to speak with her about the alternate dimension from which she comes.

Chathi states they are hoping to form an alliance with Baldur’s Gate, and that we are effective ambassadors towards this goal.

The Cabal discusses the fact that Lady Katrina has been alerted to the investigation into her connection to the Cult, and debate immediate assassination. Despite Lydia’s plea to be allowed to meet with Lady Katrina and infiltrate her staff as planned, the Cabal decides on assassination.

The deciding vote is cast by Ehput-Ki, who looks into the future and votes for assassination, stating “The future is ever murky…but I see a single vision that says the events of this day will echo through the years to come.”

The decision is made for Cabal member Aoth to sneak in when Lydia enters the estate for her meeting, to gain access to Lady Katrina.

Flint continues to question this decision, but Ehput-Ki tells him that the immediate fallout of this will be negative, but offers hope for the future, in the long run. Aoth promises Chinny to protect Lydia as best he can.



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