Here Be Dragons

One Enemy After Another!

With Chini freed from Bareris’ will (we hope!), it is time to turn our attention to “Lady Katrina,” the evil Black Onyx dragon. We make careful plans, involving crashing Katrina’s soiree (where Lydia will be performing) and responding to a signal for a surprise attack when Lydia sings, “all that was me is gone.”

Cid fortifies us for battle with a Heroes Feast spell, and we successfully enter Katrina’s palace and seat ourselves for dinner and entertainment. When it is time for Lydia to perform, Lady Katrina makes a nasty little speech disclosing her knowledge of Lydia’s deceit, and summons a number of small black dragons to kill her!

Lydia cries, “All that was me is gone!” and the battle is on. The other guests run away screaming in terror. Flint casts Spike Growth to try to impede Katrina’s and the small dragons’ progress, Chini charms them with Mass Suggestion, and Lydia immobilizes the small dragons with a Stinking Cloud. Unfortunately Katrina has assumed her Black Onyx dragon form and is able to rise up and fly out of range of the poisonous fumes. She immediately focuses her wrath on Lydia and attacks her savagely. Kurshk rages powerfully and we all use our magic and our weapons to the best of our ability. Thanks to Cid’s Feast, we remain unafraid in spite of the Black Onyx’ sadistic threats, and we battle her to her death.

Just as Flint restores Lydia to health, who should appear but Bareris. He taunts us, revealing that he betrayed us (through So-Kehur) so that we would be severely weakened while killing Katrina, for whom he has no more use. He turns to Chini and demands his obedience. HA! Chini no longer dances to his tune!

Chini points his Finger of Death at Bareris and strikes a severely damaging (but unfortunately not lethal) blow! We all take aim at Bareris…



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