Here Be Dragons

Freeing Chinny

We all gather at the cabal chambers. Szindaer says that Chinny must undergo a dangerous ritual to prevent him from being possessed by an evil creature again in the future. He states that creatures from the Seven Hells will likely be summoned as we attempt to sever the link. Chinny is determined to go ahead with the ritual.

Szindaer reveals that the creature that holds this sway over Chinny is none other than the patron that grants him his warlock powers, who he calls a powerful fiend. He states, “The link he has formed with you is stronger than necessary to provide you these powers, and was formed without your knowledge. I believe Bareris is to blame for this. We simply need undo what Bareris has done.”

Chinny proposes that Lydia replace him on the Cabal before he undergoes the ritual. Lydia agrees to do so temporarily, until we are sure that Chinny has not been corrupted in some way, and states that he should resume his place on the Cabal only when we feel it is safe. Chinny agrees with this, and furthermore asks Lydia to kill him should he be controlled somehow and forced to act against the elves’ best interest.

We then discuss whether to continue to try to get information from Lady Katrina, now revealed to be a dragon, or to assassinate her now. We decide to assassinate her, after we perform the ritual on Chinny.

Szindaer leads us to a musty cellar on the boundary of the White Tower Grounds, where we meet up with Igor. We see an arcane circle engraved in the ground.

The light in the room seems to be sucked into the arcane circle as Chinicum mutters the incantation for his spell.

We hear whispering coming from a point just above Chinicum, emanating from some unearthly plane. Black patches of darkness appear around the room as creatures slip into our plane from the Seven Hells.

We engage with Grells from the Seven Hells and other creatures, eventually killing a Death Tyrant.

There is a blast of darkness from the center of Chinny’s circle, and the stone underneath his feet shatters, breaking the arcane circle. Chinny’s face seems to have more color than it did previously.

Szindaer declares that no fiend could have maintained the contact through that circle he created, so the link between him and Chinny should now be broken.



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