Here Be Dragons

Encounter with Demons & Aspects in the Twilight

We find ourselves in the world of shadows. Before us the old man (Bahamut) stands with staff raised at Indomitable. the scene appears frozen in time, just as we remembered it.

Soon more dragons appear, Insidious and Maleficent leading them. Maleficent declares the age of the dragons is nigh! We find ourselves surrounded by dragons.

The Aspects of Hope and Justice appear and battle the ancient dragons, leaving the lesser dragons to us. Chinicum and Cid transform the red dragon into a frog and then an ant and dispatch the blue dragon. We surround the red dragon and it falls in a matter of moments with Cid landing the final blow.

Insidious and Maleficent threaten the aspects, then fly away.

Flint asks the Aspects of Hope and Justice if we are to help return them to the world of light. Justice informs us that two paths branch before us, and not to choose hastily.

Hope tells us we must stop Sultana if we wish to save the elves.

The Aspects tell us about the rift in the sky by which the dragons (so far just the onyx dragon) are escaping the shadow world.

The near-collapse of Bahamut’s spell seems to create a noticeable effect on some of the creatures here. We can see hundreds of bright yellow eyes emanating from the surrounding buildings, eyes locked on the forms of the old man and Indomitable.

From two side streets, we can see several demonic forms approaching. Two enormous Balor, red demons wielding a sword and whip set aflame.

The Aspects of Hope and Justice stride forward to battle with the Balor, but several smaller demons continue to advance towards the old man. We commence battle with a Yochlol and a Gabrezu.

As we battled these demons the fight between Bahamut and Indomitable speeds up, and it is clear Bahamut is losing.

As the Aspects of Hope and Justice finish off the Balor, they quickly move to aid Bahamut. With the three of them working together, Indomitable makes one last peevish snap of his jaws, and then flies off into the twilight sky.

Bahamut informs us that some of us have information that others in the group need and that we must work together. Then we wake up.



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