Here Be Dragons

Act III: The Keenest Sorrow

Sultana’s endgame draws near, but her plans remain shrouded in mystery, known only to herself, and her War General Lamentation. The life of Lamentation, named not for the misery he has brought but rather for the misery he endures, lies in your hands. The blood of a thousand innocents screams for his death and justice, but to spare him may unlock a treasure trove of secrets that save a thousand more.

A civil war is erupting among the Elves, and the bordering nation of Surria has its fingers all over the conflict. With the operations of the Cult severely limited after losing their base in the Serpent Hills, Kurshk, Cid, and Flint find themselves en route to Surria where the Cult’s operations are picking up steam. Wellby and Sparklegem are deep undercover in Surria, and may provide invaluable information… if they can be found.

The victory in the Serpent Hills did not come without cost. Arjhan Norixius gave his life, while Lydia and Chinicum have vanished without a trace. It remains to be seen whether they have given their lives, or the Cult has caught up with them, or a more mysterious reason is behind their disappearance….

Here Be Dragons

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